Trying something new – Disk Golf

Killeen put a disk golf course up recently located at Conder Park.

Having seen similar in places like Austin, I was intrigued with the idea since I have played many rounds of “real” Golf and consider myself to be an O.K. golfer.  My scores never seem to reflect that but my selective recollection allow me to be much better than any score could indicate anyway.

So what is Disk Golf – here are the complete rules of the PDGA – but to get started one just goes to the store, grab a couple of different disks and get going – how difficult can it be.  We all have thrown a frisbee before.

After throwing a few drivers (the long distance disk) into the dirt and having it bounce around wildly I realized that there might be more to this thing than meets the eye.  Having had my share of Golf balls bounce across streets, into parking lots, peoples yard, maybe – just maybe history will repeat itself with Disk Golf.  It can’t be !!  All I wanted to find is another sport I am not a natural at 🙁

Kidding aside, give it a try – no green fees, no golf carts, just a nice walk with the kids and lots of fun.


F a c e b o o k
T w i t t e r
I n s t a g r a m