Vegas Baby

A few years ago Las Vegas had a big push to make the city a great place to visit with your family.  Las Vegas – bring your kids, your wife, bring them all.

This campaign has now been dropped and the new tag line is “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Guess the inhibitions of bringing your wife to “sin city” was not as good for business as the planners had hoped.

Not sure what happened – maybe we looked at an old brochure – but we took all the kids, the wife and Oma and Opa on a recent road trip to Vegas.  Driving to Las Vegas from Central Texas is, how should I say it – ambitious at best.  Sure you save a bit of money by not everyone having to pay for a plane ticket, however, you pay a little extra by being in a van for 1,100 miles one way.  Splitting the trip up into two days helped and we were blessed with great driving weather.

Here are a few things to consider when traveling with Kids:

Breaks.  Starting out we had an ambitious plan of driving swiftly, taking few breaks and getting to our destination quickly.  Taking a break every 3-4 hours ought to be enough, right?  Wrong!  After a few hours I lost count of how many real and false alarm potty breaks we had.  For a while it seemed that we were stopped all the time.  Do you risk it and tell your kids that they can hold it a little longer?

Miles.  Looking at a map and searching for the shortest route is not the same as searching for the fastest route.  Sure you can save a few miles going through every “one blinking light” town on the way but it will not make you faster.  This lesson was not learned on the way to Las Vegas, it took a few 35miles per hour zones, red lights and stop signs to figure out that averaging 40 miles will not get you anywhere quickly.

Snacks.  Always willing to save a buck and save some time along the way, we took plenty of provisions to fend off all unnecessary food stops along the way.  Bear in mind that the 3 pound bag of nuts looks like a great deal at Costco, however, after 8 hours of driving the last thing you want is another nut, or Energy Bar for that matter.

After arriving in Vegas we had a great time at the WPPI conference (yes this was a business trip).  Here are a few pictures:

Inside the MGM Grand

Old Las Vegas - The Tropicana. Mirrors on the Ceiling 🙂

Used playing cards - can you say "tourist"


Murano Glass at the Bellagio

no caption needed


F a c e b o o k
T w i t t e r
I n s t a g r a m