The Editing Room Floor

Do I keep all my pictures?  No.  A lot of them end up on the editing room floor.  Well not really on any floor but in the digital trash can.  Digital cameras allow me not to have to develop my non-keepers anymore which is a big help.

Here is a typical example of a picture that will not make it into any album or collection:

What happened?  Well for starters the flash did not fire so unless I am working on another AC/DC cover this picture is of little use 🙂

Here are a few more things that regularly end up on the editing room floor I mean the digital trash basket.

Not sure what makes all the spammers trying to leave comments on my blog but I guess they see it as a cheap way to promote their products.  Here is a quick excerpt from their comments left but never seen:

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You get the idea – I will try to keep writing my posts “very clean” for our “dedicated readers” to give them a “great experience dude!”


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