What’s on the iphone

I have had my iphone since 2007. It has served me flawlessly, however, I think it is time for a little more speed soon ūüėČ The edge network connection is painfully slow and surfing the internet is too slow to be enjoyed.

While Apple has over 200,000 apps to choose from in the itunes store, I find that I hardly use the apps that are not on the first page.

Here is a snapshot of my iphone and the apps I use fairly frequently.

Matthias's iphone

While I have left the dock alone as far as replacing apps on it, here is a quick overview on the apps on the homescreen.

Messages, Calendar, Weather, Stocks, Settings, Clock, Contacts and Camera are original (coming with the phone) apps.  The name really does say it all for those ones.

Here is the ones I added / changed:


If you have not heard of facebook is can only be described as a miracle that you are ready this blog at all ūüėČ ¬†This social media app allows you to check your facebook excessively and keep up with all your friends on facebook. ¬†Not sure what I did before facebook – I guess I wondered a lot more what happened to people. FREE


My designated twitter app.  Hootsuite lets you schedule tweets and track performance (number of clicks) on attached links.  Want to impress your friends by always having a tweet early early in the morning or late at night??  Just schedule the thing and go to bed or get up late.  No need to be there when the tweet gets sent. FREE


Great for moderating the blog and having the ability to post blogs if the need arrises. FREE


Same as facebook.  Another social network Рa little more professional oriented.  The place to impress your friends with your resume. FREE


Cannot remember your 13 character passwords? ¬†Well I can’t either, 1Password allows you to consolidate all your logins and passwords under one master password. ¬† Really useful since everyone nowadays wants you to sign up and have a password.


My photography studio software.  Allows me to track leads, follow up, send invoice reminders etc.


My electronic list. ¬†Think of something you need to get done? ¬†Don’t keep it in your head, put it on Omnifocus and move on.


Find an interesting webpage you want to refer to, have a great idea, sketching out ideas?  It all happens in Evernote.  FREE

F a c e b o o k
T w i t t e r
I n s t a g r a m