Me and my mini-me(s)

There are a few things that pictures cannot do.  While they give you a snapshot of the outside, they do not give you the rest of the story.  There is no sound, no movement – a lot of the information we rely on is not there.

Looking at my kids I see three very different people.  While they are all different the surprising thing is that they all have some of my character traits in them – sometimes not the good ones 🙂  Where are they getting all this craziness from?  Exactly – me.

Kids give you another chance in life to examine oneself – not like what you see in your kids?  Start with the man in the mirror – me – don’t blame the mini me(s).  For me it is easier to blame the mini me(s) first – they are little – but most often they must have learned their behavior from someone.

Taking all these pictures is great but actually spending time with your children is something we should all do – not only because the time will never come back but because you will learn a lot about yourself.  Don’t like how the kids are acting – start with the man in the mirror 😉

F a c e b o o k
T w i t t e r
I n s t a g r a m