Shooting Ideas: Don’t make the background distracting (3)

We have talked about the stuff sticking out your heads or making the subject look silly, we have talked about distracting light in the background.  Don’t get me wrong, this could all be used as an artistic expression and some of you will make this argument – fine.  But don’t put crap together and plead the artsy defense – that is reserved for myself only 🙂

But kidding aside.  I have shot clients and than wished that the rake would not be in every picture.  20 seconds removing it could have saved me 2 hours in photoshop removing them out of the pictures.  It can be done – lots of things can be done, but why waste time fixing what could have been avoided.

So today we talk about the things in the background that you wished would not be there.

Here is an example:



The background is way to bright and sunlit to be of much use for a portrait, but putting that aside.  If I were to spend time posing the clients, possible moving in props etc. and after all that be too lazy to move the wheelbarrow I cannot be helped.  It would be an obvious distraction – look for them and get rid of them 😉

F a c e b o o k
T w i t t e r
I n s t a g r a m