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“Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes.” Peter Drucker

Love this quote by Peter Drucker. He obviously had to say a lot of interesting things, but his attitude towards us having to constantly learn new things I find most striking.

When I finished College I was happy that I was done looking at all those books, and taking all those tests. I had knowledge and could tackle my job. Right? Wrong! Took me a while to understand this. One could spend all day without really showing an interest in new, different things, but people will soon pass you by.

enter itunesU


I love itunesU and it’s wide offering of different topics – from the principles of marketing to moby dick, chances are you will find something that stirs your interest.

Everything is easy to search and the content oftentimes comes from some of the top schools:


Here is the challenge though – find something you have no interest in an spend a few minutes with it – this will be the biggest benefit to you 🙂


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