Let the children speak

We think about our website a lot, we think about our photography a lot, we think about how we are perceived a lot.

Here is a resource that will help you out a lot…


My daughter and sons are around me a lot.  Why? Why? Why? is a constant – sprinkle with the occasional child wisdom.

Answering the why’s is very satisfying – at least for the first three times or so.  After that it is time for daddy to but his trusted “teaching hat” on.

The “teaching hat” is what the children get – all of daddy’s wisdom put into concise instructions and reminders.

My wife gets the “fix it hat” but that is another story.

In case you wondered where the “teaching hat” is coming from, let me assure you it is always there.  Kids love to learn and I love to tell them what to do, and how to do it – real easy – or so I thought.

The BIG problem with the “teaching hat” is that it oftentimes prevents the ability to listen.

Our kids know us very well – they spend all their time observing us.  What we say, how we say it.  How we really are when no one is watching.  The us before we put on our face for the world to see.

So take advantage of this honest opinion at your disposal.  Want to know how you  really look to the people around you?  Listen to the ones that will give you an honest opinion – your children.

Do it quickly before they learn to filter their words to please, before they become too much like you.

Let the children speak.

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