A pictures is worth a thousand words  ~  Napoleon Bonaparte

We all have heard this quote before and mostly tend to agree with a picture having much more information for us to process and making things oftentimes clearer.  Showing a picture of our newborn son would be more interesting and informative than describing him in great detail:

“He has the most angelic eyes, cutest face and those tiny feet…” you get the idea.

However, looking at pictures has its drawbacks too.  Ask two people to describe what they are looking at and you get all kinds of answers.

Enter – we have had this app for a while on the Mac but now they brought it to the iphone which is really cool.  It allows you to annotate a picture by adding arrows, description and pixilate (really cool) a image.  See someone wearing a goofy t shirt in the mall and want to share it with your friends?  Now you can pixilate their face and keep you out of trouble for posting it 🙂

Want to post an email you received and not share any personal info on it – pixilate it out 🙂

Here is a great link to how the iphone app works in detail.


Here is a quick example of what to do:



Go check them out – and post something 🙂







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T w i t t e r
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