The Art Program

Art has many forms, true.

Art is in the eye of the beholder, maybe true also.

So what does one want from an art program for the kids?  Exposure.  That’s right, exposure to many different media, materials, techniques.

The ART program at KAJA had this great variety over the years our kids have gone to it.  They simply love it.

The tell us they love it and at the end of the year we see why they love it so much.  The things that their teacher Aimee Garcia does with them are simply overwhelming.

When I went over there to take the pics today I was stunned- it went on and on and I still have to go back on Monday to finish up – crazy 🙂

Here is a small sample of the things that were done this year alone – enjoy the slide show:

Be in Love.

8th Grade Graduate

Here are a few shots from the session with Daniel. He is about to graduate from 8th grade and Highschool is next.
Not all 8th graders are created equal some are more mature than others. From the little time I spend with him taking his pictures I realized that he is polite, calm and a joy to hang around.

Thanks for the great time 😉

Be in love.

Church Directory

The Church Directory is done.

* five sessions to take the picture
* endless hours to reconcile addresses
* creating the design
* modifying the design
* seeking input
* modifying the design again
* many emails to the printer smartpress
* tracking the shipment
* receiving three boxes (100 pounds)
* delivering the boxes

Probably missed a few steps but will revisit it before we volunteer for another project.

Be in love.

It’s the little things…

Oftentimes when we take pictures we asked our clients to bring an item that describes them, their hobbies and likes.

Seems easy enough, however, once you start thinking about it things can get a little more frustrating.  What describes you well?  Is my hobby perceived as cool enough?

Well we certainly not going to judge you, it is about YOU and You coming through in YOUR pictures.

IF you want to feel like a rock star we will accomdate it, but in the long run you will cherish the pictures that show you – not who you wanted to be that day.


Here is a photo from a recent shoot.  Guess what she liked?

Be yourself.

Be in Love.


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T w i t t e r
I n s t a g r a m