iphone apps for photography… there is a million of them – here are just a few.

I remember my first mobile phone well.  Something by Nokia.  You could make calls – obviously.  But that was about it.  Even putting in someone’s contact info into it was a long drawn out process – hit the 2 three times for a “C”.

Some kids have never seen those phones before and no I am not 100 years old either.  Mobile phones have done amazing things in the last 10-15 years.

When the early phone with cameras were introduced, the picture quality was poor.  The DMV would have been proud of it but everyone else spotted them immediately.

Not anymore.  A smartphone today does a fine job for casual pictures.

These are some programs that make the experience better (all can be had on the itunes app store):








camera+ is the iphone photo app on steroids.  It lets you use filters, frames, effects and you can share your work with the world by linking to Facebook and Twitter.









photoforge2 lets you do amazing things to your photos.  Too many to mention – sure it costs $2.99 but a lot of things are $2.99 and you have nothing tomorrow 🙂









instagram –  while this app is not the best photo app out there (in my opinion)  its real strength is in the community of photographers who use it.  You can share your instant pictures, like others work and even comment on it.  Just great – and free.  Install it, start following some people like myself (vohwinkelphoto).









color splash – remember the wedding pictures where the flowers are in color and the rest in black and white?  Well you have seen selective color 🙂  Color splash lets you do the same on the iphone.  Now should you run out and make all your pictures selective color?  Certainly not.  But you can try a few.


Have another interesting photo app?  Leave a comment so I can check it out.




Every year we take one of these.  It started with two and now there are five.

The cousins picture is a tradition that started with needing a quick Christmas gift for Grandma.  What better thing to give a Grandma than a picture of the Grandkids.

These pictures were taken with one flash and a Doug Box.  Total time for all three pictures – about 5 minutes.  We had to run to another appointment and that is about the time for 5 kids to pay attention to you 🙂

Here is this years Cousin Pics:





And one more:




What is your tradition?



If you got the Money Honey, we’ve got the … honey.

Sorry Willie Nelson for butchering a perfectly good song.  Sometimes these things just come into my head at the weirdest times though.

We took a field trip to the Walker Honey Farm in Rogers,TX with the kids.

Over 80 years of beekeeping – sometimes the simplest things become the generational family business.

Here are some pictures from our little outing:


It was a foggy day – something we do not get real often here in Texas.  Great taking pictures outside weather – but not much else.




Here are some pics of the great products for sale:




Some pictures of the ones responsible for it all 🙂




Be in Love.

Thanksgiving – so much more than turkey and football

Thanksgiving is upon us – the one holiday that most Americans can agree on.


Here are some of the things we are thankful for at Vohwinkel Photography:

  • the freedom to express our opinions (religious and otherwise)
  • the love we see in our clients
  • the freedom to create things
  • the people we love surrounding us
Take some time this week to count your blessings.  And more importantly, take time every day to spend with the people you are thankful for.
Don’t take anything for granted.
God Bless.
F a c e b o o k
T w i t t e r
I n s t a g r a m