Sneak Peak

The pictures are almost ready.  Wonderful – but it does not help the client if I keep telling myself that.

Running your business one needs to be reminded that the client is everything – we love them all.

So here is a sneak peak from the wonderful family session last week.

Remember – it is a sneak peak so there are more to come.


vohwinkel photography portrait killeen

Be in Love.

It’s Friday – out of ideas – so here are some photography quotes.

If you are remotely interested in photography (which I assume you are since you are reading this) you might have heard some of these quotes before.  At any rate they are great to remind ourselves of:


“You don’t take a photography, you make it” Ansel Adams

“Nothing happens when you sit at home.  I always make it a point to carry a camera with me at all times”  Elliot Erwitt

Great advice – and nowadays ever easier to do.  An ok phone camera pic beats every “I wish I had taken photographs” with the pro gear you left at home.

“Which of my photographs is my favorite?  The one I am going to take tomorrow”  Imogen Cunningham

Dos Equis sums it up another way “Stay thirsty my friend” 🙂  Don’t ever think that your best work is behind you – there is no retiring from a creative life.

“Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop.”  Ansel Adams

Not everything is great – not everything is sweet – keep learning, keep trying.


What are you selling?

Just got done reading the excellent book “Selling the Invisible” by  Harry Beckwith.  David Jay of Showit recommended the book in an e-mail, and while I normally don’t pay attention to all the e-mails coming my way with recommendations I enjoy his e-mails and read them.  Hence I read the book.

The book “Selling the Invisible” is full of great marketing advice and points out some pitfalls when marketing your business.

For all the photographers reading this – you are not in the business of selling pictures my friend – first and foremost you are selling yourselves 🙂  Most small businesses are in the same boat – your quality is expected – YOU make the difference.


Going back to the book real quick – here is a section that particularly struck me:

“In the factories we make perfume,” Revlon founder Charles Revson once said.  “But in the stores we sell hope.”  So do we all.  Everywhere, people are buying happiness, or the hope of it.  Happiness is so important in our country that its pursuit is considered an inalienable right – together with the right to life itself – in our Declaration of Independence.

Harry Beckwith – “Selling the invisible”


So what are you selling?  Pictures, picture packages?  I do sell those, too.  But I have to remind myself that I am selling myself first.


Here is a little picture of my hope:


vohwinkel photography central texas


Be in Love.

The evolution, or revolution of the business card

Everyone needs a business card right.  People you meet are just eager to get your business card.  You should leave your business card everywhere.  A business card is a reflection of you and your business.


All sounds very good so here is the first business card we put together:



A picture of our daughter walking in the bluebonnets.  Cute huh.  Don’t get me wrong we love this card and we think it is great and we still have bunches of them – so if you want one – just ask.

The only drawback about the card is that we have had it for many years now and it does not work for the high school senior crowd.  It is a little too cute.  A few years from now when they have children of their own it might work again  – but not now.


So here is the new card:


vohwinkel photography


A little more streamlined, fancy paper (fancy in a good way).  And here is the trick, it has a hole in it.  Where is the hole you might ask – wait for it:



Now all you have to do is imagine yourself in that little frame.  Imagine your dreams, love and fantastic self right here with us.  Will it blow them away?  We’ll see 🙂


Be in Love.

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