Inner Space Cavern

We have driven by this place hundreds of times.  The blinking light outsite, the full parking lot.  How good can it be?  Doesn’t look like much from the outside.

A cavern, huh?  Wait, in Inner Space Cavern, whatever that means.

Here is the description of the place:

vohwinkel photography






























So Sunday was the day we checked it out with the kids.  Having children makes you check out things you would otherwise never consider – but that is another story.

Here is the way down – a 1 minute trolley ride:


vohwinkel photography



Some shots from inside the cavern:

vohwinkel photography

























Sorry these are all a bit dark – not sure why 🙂


Here is us at the end of the tour:



vohwinkel photography

Be in Love. – say what?


I wasn’t sure myself at first.

vohwinkel photography







Blogstomp is great for people who want to create composite images quickly and if so desired watermark their work.  Mind you one can do all this fancy stuff with other programs like Photoshop CS5 or Lightroom 3 but the nice thing about BlogStomp is the ease and quickness.


Here is a screenshot of Blogstomp.

vohwinkel portrait photography


The interface is simple, and all it takes is three easy steps.

  1. Select Images (they get resized for you so you don’t have to upload these huge files that make the blog stumble)
  2. Select the Style
  3. Stomp It!
Now all you have to do is upload the files from you folder to your blog – easy indeed.
Here is the finished product – a selection of headshots:
vohwinkel photography

































Be in Love.

Topsey Ranch

Wanting to find something, anything to do without any planning for Labor Day, Topsey Ranch came to mind again.  Two of our kids had been there before and we seem to go there about one time per kid or every two years – whichever comes sooner.

Topsey Ranch is located between Copperas Cove, TX and Lampasas, TX and a quick 30 minute drive from Killeen, TX.

It is probably not the place where you want to bring your brand new car to, however, the old pickup truck is just fine.  Another scratch in the paint won’t matter too much here.


Here are our kids waiting anxiously and feeding the animals:


vohwinkel portrait photography


Some of the main characters at Topsey Ranch:


vohwinkel photography


Not sure why the Ostrich is the most unnerving animal to feed.  Somehow I feel so stared at and when you finally get up the nerve to give them some food they just peg at your hand making you regret your decision.


Did I mention not minding the scratches (within reason) on my old truck?  Well when this guy came around I had to make sure that glass breakage was included on the insurance:


portrait photography vohwinkel

We added the truck in the foreground for scale 🙂  Fortunately this guy knew his horns and moved in the most gentle way around the truck.

Thank you – whatever your name is.



Be in Love.

Blogs I Love

Vohwinkel Portrait Photo



Here is the non-exhaustive list of some of blogs I like.

Why do I read blogs you might ask?  It is always the most up to date information from people / or companies I have an interest in.



Interested in flash photography?  This is a great place to learn new things and learn how to make your budget stretch a long way.  Whether you are new or an experienced photographer – this is an interesting place to visit.


Joe McNally is a great teacher for photography.  He has been at it a long time and will challenge you to see things in a different way.


Yes you read this right – filters.  We oftentimes think that we can do all in post production and stitch multiple images together to make it look just like we saw it that day.  Maybe we can, but having good technique and using a filter gets us a better product from the beginning.  They also have fantastic images on their blog – go check it out.



She is a senior digital imaging evangelist.  What is that you might ask?  In her case she knows an awful lot about photoshop (to fix your pictures) and lightroom (to manage your pictures).  If you are into editing photos a little more seriously her blog is a great resource.


Interested in starting your own blog?  Check this link out to get started.




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